Understanding The Basics Of SEO: What Growing Businesses Need To Know!

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the crux of an effective online marketing campaign. SEO is all about enhancing the online presence of your brand, by ranking better in search engines. Marketing agencies rely on a number of strategies to achieve that, but in sync with the guidelines suggested by search engines. If you want to do more with search engine optimization Singapore, we have a guide below that will get your brand sorted.

White hat vs black hat SEO

White hat SEO is what search engines recommend. This is more about mobile optimization, focusing on good content, link building, keyword research and so on. With White hat SEO, you can expect to get organic traffic and the results are expected to last. On the other hand, black hat SEO relies on tactics that improve visibility on search engines, but often, these tactics can lead to penalization. In that context, you will hear terms like keyword stuffing and link cloaking, which are basically tricks to manipulate Google, and while you may get some results, things can go wrong in no time. There is also a third aspect called Grey hat SEO, which uses a mix of both and should be avoided.

Improving the website

First things first, make sure that your website is optimized for SEO. This is an aspect that may companies fail to recognize. You may have spent a lot on paid marketing, but unless your website can retain the audience and site visitors, most of these steps wouldn’t yield any results. Check the structure of the site, look for design flaws, and find more on how you can improve user experience. Mobile-first indexing is equally important, and you want to be sure that site visitors have a good experience while using the website on various screen sizes.

Link building, social media and more

When it comes to SEO, you have to include social media in your marketing plan. Google recognizes mentions on social media and contents posted on these platforms, so make sure that your SEO efforts are in sync with your social media plans. As for the content and link building, you have to be true to the niche and target audience. Make sure that you are using long-form content and include videos, infographic content and images in your content to enhance the visual appeal.

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