Smart SEO Auditor: A Perfect Tool For All SEO Experts And Website Owners!

On-page SEO and relevant elements of a website have a big role in performance. Website owners, marketing gurus and SEO experts often spend considerable time looking for flaws, just to know why a portal is not performing as expected. Smart SEO Auditor, which is a new tool, on the block offers a simpler way to review and audit a website. As the name suggests, this is an application that evaluates the performance of a website based on SEO factors and other related aspects. We tried the tool for five small and big websites, and here’s a review for your help.

Many benefits of Smart SEO Auditor

Anyone who has tried to audit a website manually will agree that this is a time-consuming process. Duplicate and broken links can hamper a website’s ranking, and all aspects, including website images and other files, must be checked on a regular basis to avoid performance issues. Smart SEO Auditor offers a simple, one-click way to review a website from scratch. It checks everything from keywords and server response codes to user friendly URLs, titles, and descriptions. In fact, each web page is reviewed for 30 different parameters, each being critical for the performance of a website.

Quick overview of the process

Smart SEO Auditor is available in two versions – freeware and paid. Visit and download the application on your system. Run the application after installation and use the ‘Start Crawling’ button to start an audit. You have to type the name of the website you want to review before that. Smart SEO Auditor will review all the things we mentioned and will also check for internal links, sitemap, website images and robots.txt files. The free version of the application can crawl websites with up to 100 pages, while the paid version is ideal for big and growing portals. The developers are offering complete technical support through their website, and you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee on the purchase of full version.

Does it deliver?

While there are many tools that promise offer unpretentious ways to review the performance of websites, Smart SEO Auditor delivers on that and more. The application is not only easy, but also simplifies analysis by offering data in a simple format. Also, you can choose to transport the data to an Excel file.

The paid version will be extremely useful for anyone who is engaged in SEO, online promotions or has more than a few websites.

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