Should You Redesign Your Website? Check This Guide!

Your business website is right at the center of your online marketing campaign. Having commanding online presence is critical, not just for outdoing competition but also for branding and exposure. Even the best websites have to be reviewed and re-evaluated after a point, and if you are wondering whether you should redesign the existing website, we have a guide below for your help.

Talk to the experts

Working with an experienced company for web design, such as KC Vision Media, can help you find the right issues and flaws that must be fixed. The best web design companies will always do a website review for free, and depending on how the current design looks like, they may recommend a few fixes or a complete rehaul.

Checking for the signs

There are a few tell-a-tale signs that can help in deciding if you should recreate a website from scratch –

  • The website feels outdated. If your website looks nothing like competitor sites, you have reasons to reimagine the design.
  • The website is too old. In case you haven’t redesigned the site in last three years, chances are high that it is already outmoded.
  • SEO is not working. The purpose of SEO is to get traffic to the website, but if the web portal is not optimized, you cannot expect great results. If SEO is not working despite your efforts, there is probably an issue with the website.
  • You are unhappy with sales and conversions. User experience is an aspect you cannot ignore about a website, and if your website is incapable of engaging site visitors, you will lose on both traffic and conversions.
  • Your website is too slow. User experience is affected by a number of factors, including site speed, design, overall interface of the website, and if the website is not optimized for desktop and mobile users alike, business will be at stake.

Getting the website redesigned

Finding the right web design company for the job is critical, and you have to consider their expertise and experience in creating sites similar to yours. This is a onetime project, so expect to get an estimate, but the pricing should be based on the scope of the website. Discuss your requirements and ask the agency about the latest trends in web design. Make sure that the website is launched before the deadline and check if the agency will show a demo first.

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