At the moment, transcription is a professional that has attracted quite many people. It has a lot of benefits like good remuneration and flexible working hours, making people prefer having it as a career.

If you would like to offer audio and video translation services, below are various qualities you must possess for you to be successful at it.

Let’s delve into specifics.

  • Good language command

One of the top priorities of excellent transcription is producing coherent work. As such, it is imperative to have good language command. You should be able to use proper punctuation and apply all grammar rules.

For instance, it is wrong to write long sentences without the use of punctuation; even if there are no clear pauses in the speech. It is for you as a professional transcriber to use your better judgement as add punctuations where you deem fit.

  • Speed and accuracy

To be a successful transcriber, you have to deliver work on time. Some clients will demand a turnaround delivery of a few hours. Therefore, it is crucial to have fast typing speeds as well as be accurate.

Additionally, to make a decent living out of transcription, you will need put in effort. This is because most transcription jobs do not pay much.

This means that the faster you deliver transcriptions; the more the jobs you do. This, in turn, translates to more money. You will also be more efficient if your client pays for work done by the hour.

  • Excellent research skills

To produce high-quality transcriptions, your research skills need to be excellent.

Some clients may send you inaudible audio files while others use vocabularies improperly or words that have been mispronounced.

As such, having a clear understanding of the basic terminologies in a particular niche and quickly researching on them, will allow you to accurately transcribe the files. It will also help minimize any indiscernible gaps in your end product.

  • Good listening skills

In as much as transcription jobs offer a quick way to get legit cash, it also has its challenges. Some audio files may have some accent-influence in them while others will have indiscernible words. Nevertheless, clients will still expect you to produce excellent work.

In such a scenario, excellent listening skills is what will help you deliver a perfect transcript. Isolate the unclear section and listen to it multiple times until you fully comprehend what is being said.

Owning quality transcription headphones will play a significant role in improving your listening skills.

  • Self-discipline

Whether you are employed by a transcription company or are your own boss, you have to have self-discipline and motivation.

Many people are attracted to transcription because the idea of being their own boss fascinates them. However, they come to learn that such freedom comes with consequences. Instead of working during times of your choosing, you end up working all the time. Urgent jobs will get you pulling an all-nighter.

To deal with such challenges, motivation and self-discipline are crucial and is what will make you a pro-transcriber in no time.

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