How To Solve The Problem With Blocking Your Parking?

There are roughly 300 million cars in the USA. All of them drive on the streets and park in parking places. But do they all?

Every one of us experienced the problem with someone blocking the way to our driveway or car path. It doesn’t matter if you live in a building with a shared parking space, a house with its own driveway or simply a reserved spot anywhere in the urban area. Someone will always have an excuse for why your place is so important to be blocked by them. See some facts about driving in America here.

You probably wondered many times what you can do about it. Most of the things you surely thought about are illegal, right? Don’t let the temper get you. Keep your calm and find a solution that will prevent the people from blocking you.

More options can solve this problem and in this article, we’re going to show you some of the simplest ones. Read on if you want to learn all about fixing this problem and never have to be nervous about other people’s actions on the streets.

Place some signs

One of the simplest ideas is to put up a sign on the street that explains that this is not a place to leave your car. You can use the official no parking sign that can be placed on the walking path and will be clearly visible for the drivers.

If someone still ignores it, you can call the towing service and remove the vehicle. It’s wise if you take some pictures previously so you can be safe from eventual lawsuits and someone trying to blame you for the expenses they’ll have. See more about this here:

Placing signs that tell people not to leave their cars on the place is an excellent idea, but does it really prevent them from doing this? Not all the time! Yes, you’ll surely cut the number of problems from daily to occasionally but you’d like to have no problems at all, right?

Paint the street

Another excellent idea is to paint the street with stripes and text that will say no parking! You’ve probably seen how the officials do it and you can do the same here.

It’s best if you combine both ideas. Having some signs that are visible and painting the street will be like having a flashing casino sign for drivers that are not paying too much attention where they are leaving their vehicles.

Call the officials to solve the problem

What you need to mind while doing the previous two things is having the right to do all that. Make sure the property where you place the signs is your private property and make sure the street you’re about to paint has no special meaning, like a public parking space.

You can’t get into a war with the officials who regulate how the streets are managed and where it allowed people to park. Never try to force your idea of how the streets should be managed because the public property is still public and belongs to anyone. It doesn’t matter how much you think you’re right, rules are rules and you need to obey them.

However, you can call the officials and ask them to do all this on their own. They should regulate what’s going on in the streets and every problem should be fixed by them. Especially if someone’s parking on your property, you should call the police on them and let them handle the problem.

You don’t want to make a bigger mess by directly confronting the ignorant drivers. Between 300 million people in the USA, you don’t know who you’re are going to run on to. Keep your temper and manage your anger in these situations. It’s not the best idea to turn a small problem into a huge one and someone ends up in jail or dead over a parking place. We’ve seen that story on the news many times.

Install an on-street ramp

This is ultimately the best solution. If someone is constantly blocking the entrance of a sharing parking place, the best idea is to put up some of the on-street solutions that are offered on the market. The technology has gone so forward that now you have boom barriers with a computer on the sign able to do much more than just open the bar for the car to pass.

The technology as amazing today. For example, the Amano solutions offer computerized boots that are able to not just prevent people from getting inside uninvited but to take care of so much more than just preventing people from blocking you.

One of the best options they have is the valet parking. The valet parking is used by hotels, restaurants, and others. It’s a system that guides the cars without actually having a valet person. Some of the greatest vehicle manufacturers, like Mercedes, are now producing cars that can be automatically be guided by these computerized valet systems.

All you have to do is leave the car in front of the post and the rest is done by a computer. The car is moving on its own following the instructions from the valet parking system. All this can be followed through an app on your smartphone while you do what you came to do. Impressive time to be alive, right?


As you can see, there are solutions which are without doubt methods that will make things happen, and there are ideas that can reduce the damage you’re taking right now.

You should think about which one fits you more and which of the ideas works best for you. You’re not obligated to consider everything nor get the computerized system to the maximum. For example, if you don’t have the latest self-driving cars, you don’t need the valet system, but companies producing things like these, will always find a solution for your needs and offer their best ideas.

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