Here is Everything You Need to Know About Link Building in Brief

Link or a hyperlink is a connection between two pages on the web. With a link you can redirect people to a page, article, image or any other object on the web. Links take you from one web location to another. They serve search engines as well. The search engine crawls and indexes the website. And for the same, you need at least one hyperlink from a website that is already crawled. Ensuring that you get the first link is needed when launching a new website.

Link building in an SEO company is defined as the marketing efforts done to obtain links from other websites to your own website. It is believed to be one of the most helpful tools to obtain higher ranking for your website in the SERPs. If loads of high quality links are redirected to a certain page, search engines deem it meaningful or famous and rank it higher accordingly.

Link quality

Not all links are created equally. Many links have more worth than others. For example, a link from a valid website, which is topically similar to yours has more worth than any other random link from a website nobody knows about. When you choose a link somewhat topically related to yours, then it makes easy for you to choose links but at the same time, it makes it harder to obtain such high quality links too.

Tricky techniques

As link building isn’t a cup of tea for everyone, there are a lot of shady link building techniques that are still in use today. In the past, people used to buy link from the link farms. Hence, link building has a bad reputation among experts. Consequently, Google stepped up with serious penalties because of such practices. If your site is getting linked to from websites that don’t have a good reputation, then it can totally vanish from the search results. So, stay away from such risky link building methods. When playing it fairly and smartly, you can make the most of SEO by good quality link building.

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